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ZaytAfrica Limited is a Kenyan company that has invested in understanding the needs and demands of the coconut oil industry. The company’s brand name ‘Ruhi’ is inspired by the high value of the coconut tree.

ZaytAfrica was established with considerations of ensuring that the coconut farmers in Kenya secure a reliable market for their coconuts produce both locally and internationally.

We work with a couple industries namely food, health and beauty industry.


Zayt Africa’s mission is to is to meet consumer’s needs of products that are free from artificial colours, preservatives and allergens with a striking vision of being the centre of excellence in the coconut industry, responsive to the development needs of the society and establishing a productive agricultural eco system.

The company is licenced to operate by the agriculture and food authority in Kenya and certified by the Kenya bureau of standards.

Zayt Africa uses the cold extraction process to extract virgin coconut oil (VCO). This method appears more desirable due to elimination of solvent and refining, bleaching and deodorizing process, lowering the energy requirement friendly than the solvent thus more environmentally extraction.


The writer is a distinguished nobleman in the coconut industry with experience spanning ten years.