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One of the fundamental principles of professional business conduct at Zayt Africa is to treat others with respect. Respectful, professional conduct furthers the company’s mission, promotes productivity, minimizes disputes, and enhances the company’s reputation.

We help the farmers acquire new agricultural skills and knowledge, and we teach them how to extract more value from not only the coco palms but also from their land and their livestock.

This knowledge will help the farmers and their families to a higher standard of living in general. Our long-term goal is to create an educated and prosperous society based on sustainable coconut farming.


Zayt Africa Limited in partnership with Africa foundation for education and community development has developed an educational sponsorship program aimed at providing scholarships to students seeking to advance their studies to higher learning institutions in the community especially with the farmers in the coast region of Kenya which is the hub of coconut farming.

Through the program we have been able to send twenty five students to universities providing them with a full free educational scholarship we are looking to impact more in the coming years.

The scholarships are mainly centred to courses that deal with agriculture, community developments and other disciplines that can aid in providing a progressive sustainable future for the community.


Our goal is to create and provide sustainable financial models that’s can permanently shift the economic equilibrium for our farmers. We stand to reduce the production costs of farmers, providing them with fair trade and value for the coconut products produced. 60% of workers are local community people from the area and we shifting governments role into investing in the coconut industry through agriculture and food agency of Kenya as we also enhance our company’s technological solution.

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+25497125229 ; (+254) 52553171

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I first encountered Zayt Africa products at the Tukutune Pwani Festival (Mombasa Cultural Festival) in Mombasa. I tried their Coconut "ice cream" and was immediately hooked. When I got back home, I checked out their website and decided to try the Coconut Water! What an amazing product. The Coconut Water was like a delicious healthy dessert!

Teddy Nzioka Client

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Zayt Africa coconut flour wins all day,every day. My family used to cringe at the thought of me baking some mahamris. Now, all they ask is whether they would be enough to last a few days. You should definitely get your hands on a couple of these before the whole world gets to know your secret recipe. Shukran Zayt Africa!!

Ghalib Abdalla Client